How to Unlink Session from a Google Slides Presentation

  • 13 October 2020
  • 3 replies

I have a session created by another user that is  linked to my Slides presentation. I want to remove that account and use mine in the same presentation.  When I log into my account from the Slides sidebar, I get:

“This presentation is linked to another Slido account. To edit existing polls or add new ones, please switch to the Slido account connected to this presentation.”


But I can’t find a way to unlink the other Slido account. I’ve tried when logged in as the other user.  We also deleted the Slido session from the other user’s Slido events, but it’s still linked to the Slides presentation.

Please Help!



3 replies


Hi there!


In this case, the fastest way for you to link a new event to your presentation would be to duplicate your Slides, and then linking the new event to the new (duplicated) Slides


This way, you’ll have the old account linked to the original presentation and your account with the new event linked to your new Slides, which will be identical to your old deck.


Please let me know if this makes sense and if you got it to work! :relaxed:

Thanks. I had thought of doing that and it did work, but it’s not an ideal solution as various people had a link to the original presentation, so then their link is no good any more.  Probably a good product enhancement to provide away to “unlink” a slide deck in case you want to change it, etc.



Thanks for pointing this out! We’d love to hear more from you to understand the problem better. I’ve sent you a personal message.