Any tips on different polls for allhands?

Hi! What questions do you use in your company-wide meetings? We’re usually doing ice-breakers like ‘Describe your week in one word’ or what’s been the highlight of the month and a feedback at the end, but I’m running out of inspiration. Do you have any tips?

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Hey James,

we recently tried a quiz and shared updates in a funny way. We asked around what people think were numbers we hit, what sales target did we hit etc. At the end we displayed a leaderboard. I think it was one of the best updates sharing we had. Now when we want to just share updates, employees are not really paying attention because they want to play a quiz through Slido :D

Everyone in our company loves silent hero poll. You ask ‘Who was your silent here this month?’ and everyone can submit one person. It’s really beautiful and rewarding. Just make sure you provide clear instructions. Our first poll was a bit clumsy, since then, it’s a highlight of our monthly all hands meeting.