Ideal timing for a poll during a presentation

  • 12 August 2021
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Howdy. I’m using Slido and loving it. The audience seems to like it too.


Tomorrow I’m doing a 90 minute presentation, and I’m using polls/surveys to break up my talking. This serves two purposes: 1. Gives a chance for people to engage; 2. Gives me a second to take a sip of water and mentally get ready for the next section.


I’m wondering, in all the experience of members  here, what have you found to be the _ideal_ time to give people a chance to answer the poll. 

I dont think (but am easily corrected) that really the number of people in the session–be it 4 or 56–has much to do with the timing; everyone can read and answer at roughly the same time.

So what is the ideal time to allow as many people to answer the poll as we can get while also keeping the momentum of the talk going?


I ask because it seems, using Google Slides, the poll on the screen is the only active one, and you can only have one at a time (unless in a survey), so if you move onto the next slide, people lose their chance to enter their response.

I will test this tomorrow: some of my polls of similar type and complexity will be given different pause times (i’m using a Stream Deck timer to alert me). I’m gonna see which feel better live and as i watch the recording.



I actually wish that were a feature: to be able to keep a poll active while also in Google Slides. Maybe a bookend feature: put the same poll on two different slides: one to activate, and one to then deactivate an show the results. This would be maybe a few slides later.


Anyway. Curious: what is the ideal time to pause for responses?

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