Open Text questions scroll too quickly

  • 1 September 2021
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Dear community, dear slido team,


for my virtual event I wanted to create a open-text-poll. My problem is, that there are <100 participants and when they answer, the presentation mode will go crazy, because it will always scroll as soon as a new answer arrives. Is there a possibility to “lock” the automatic scrolling and to scroll by yourself to see the new answers?

PS: Sorry I am no native speaker, I hope you get my problem.




2 replies

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Hi @panoramabeats,

Unfortunately, the only way how you can lock the poll is to prevent new answers from coming in - so once you think you’ve collected enough answers, and you want to go over them without everything jumping around, you can simply lock the poll and everything will freeze.


Alternatively, you can scroll all the way down and read answers from the bottom, as only the top ones will move. This way, you won’t need to lock the poll. 


Please let me know if either of these options work for you or if you need any more help to figure this out. :) 

Sadly your alternative option doesn’t work. This was my first idea as well. But when you scroll down, the answers coming in will still hop around and you can’t fixate one.


Locking the poll after a given time should be the last resort… we actually don’t want this.