quiz for multiple teams

  • 23 April 2022
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Is it possible to run a quiz where teams can be created but allowing each member in the team to answer individually? The answers would collate by team and show each teams response on screen? 


2 replies

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Interesting use case!

There isn’t a direct way, but you could use the multiple room feature and have each team go through the quiz in their own room. Important to note, someone would need to administrate each room. Guest/collaborators work great in these cases. 

Afterwards you would have all the results from each team in the exports, but they wouldn’t be shown collectively. Only individually by each room. However, when everyone is done, you can share each room one by one to go through all the leaderboards.

Hope this helped!


Have the same use case as HHBwD.

Is there anyone on the slido team looking at implementing this functionality? as this is a great classroom mechanic to engage the room (a sense of others depending on you in addition to the gamification aspect).

Hoping someone implements it soon!