Add music for quizzes

  • 23 November 2021
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Hi team, 


We are wondering if we can put a short YouTube video into for creating quizzes about Christmas? 

If we can, how can we do it? 


And we want to make participants arrange songs in order from the oldest songs into the newest. Can we do it in

3 replies



I will use Slido in PPT to run a quiz.  But it show only question pages.  Can we set it to show choice pages too?  


Thanks you, 


Hi team, 


Thank you for your reply. I have another question: 

We are creating quizzes in as the picture below. And there are some questions that we want to put music as a part of a question and some ranking questions. In that case, is it possible that we put the ranking questions into the list of our quizzes, and how about the questions with music? 

As what I understand, the questions with music need to put in another Google Slides. Can we collaborate 3 different kind of questions: quizzes, music questions and ranking questions in 1 session or is there any solution we can choose? 

Thankyou so much!


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Hi @Linh,

In general, it’s not possible to add music to our quizzes. However, it is definitely on our Product Team’s radar! 


There are some workarounds though - 

If I understand your question correctly, you’d like to add a video as part of a question in a quiz?

If so, I’d actually recommend using one of our integrations to run the quiz - Google Slides or PowerPoint. That way, you can play the video on one of the slides and have the Slido quiz question on the next slide without having to add videos into Slido. 


For your second question, it’s only possible to add text as options to our ranking poll. This means that you can add the name of the song and the artist, for example, but it won’t actually play the song. Again, if using Google Slides or PowerPoint, you’re able to add audio files to any slide so you can add music to your Slido quiz in that way, or simply play music from your computer.


Here’s a more detailed article about our Google Slides integration 👇


And here’s an article about our PowerPoint integration 👇


 Please let me know if this setup could work for you or if you need any help setting up! 😊