Can I export live data?

  • 23 August 2022
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Is it or will it be possible to extract an RSS feed of the questions
or chat ?

If we want to import data “live” now we have to export it every time
we want our Google Spreadsheet to update. It would be nice if new data
is automatically published in a file.

This way we can refer to that file in our live broadcast and put the
questions in the show.


Thank you.

3 replies

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Hey @Eventronics,

At the moment, it’s not possible to export live data, however other live broadcasts have used Present mode to show questions in Slido.

Simply open Present mode and then you can switch between this and your other sources.

Hope this helps :)

Yes, that is how we do it now as well.

But I would to use it in a title instead of using the presenter view.

Vmix has the capabiility to extract from facebook and Twitter,

maybe something like this can also be created for Slido.

( I will ask the same question to Vmix)

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Hi @Eventronics

Thanks for the feedback, I will pass it on to the wider team.