Can I have multiple google slides presentations on the same event?

I have an event that lasts 4 days. Is it posible to have several google presentations on that same event? I will be presenting one day in the morning one topic and another day in the afternoon another topic, and maybe a third day with another topic.

I’m thinking about paying for the Engage plan for a single event, but I need to know first if what I want to do is possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @memosauceda

So happy you’re thinking of going with us for your event 😊 - Yes! is the short answer. You are able to host several google presentations on the same event over 4 days, the one-time plan spans over 7 days. You can even test your event before going live for peace of mind and even reuse your google slides presentation or duplicate it to use as a template if it makes things easier. 

Hope this helps! Good luck with your event 🙂

Thank you!