Can we turn off verification email when using query parameters to pull fname + lname + email?

  • 23 October 2020
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we are pulling first name last name and email into our slido embed and our users are getting a verification email when joining the session. Is there a way to turn this off? it is really annoying and not necessary for our purposes. 

3 replies

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Hi there!


Unfortunately, we can’t turn off these verification emails.


However, your participants won’t get them the first time they join your session, only if they rejoin - and every time thereafter. This is to make sure they always join with the same credentials and do not share their credentials with other people.


Please let me know if this makes sense :) 

Hi @Alex 

I agree with @EventPowerTechTeam as we run events and this is quite annoying. Please consider providing us the option to toggle this verification pin code on and off for the guest, as sometimes they have to revisit the log in several times over the course of a long event, say a multi-day conference with lots of interaction. We have received complaints about this from our guests several times.

If I turn off the verification for email, they can log in using their names only, so therefore no code is sent to them anyway. So if we want them to use email to log in, it's really just for tracking purposes to improve our analytics accuracy, and not enter as an Anonymous or First name attendee. 

So maybe provide us the option to have the verification pin code turn on or off, depending on how secure we want the event to be? That would be most helpful.


Hi @Alex I agree with everyone here, for our large scale events, sometimes with people that are not very tech saavy we need to get attendees to our events with as little resistance as possible. The fewer clicks the better and jumping back and forth for PINs is extremely burdensome for many.

I understand why it can be used, but to toggle it on/off would be extremely helpful. It ends up being a hurdle to work through for our team.