Changing event date and event code

  • 22 July 2021
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We use an event for repeat training. Normally we just change the date on the event and it all works. Today it says I can’t as the #code has already been used. Is it a glitch? we don’t want to set up a whole new event or change the #code as this is linked into our presentations.

1 reply

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Hi @clch,

Unfortunately, this is not a glitch. It means that another user has an event during the same time as you, and they have claimed the event code # first for those dates. 

I can suggest maybe trying to adjust the event dates a little bit - starting on the day of your presentation for example and not before, as the code might become available.


If it’s still not available, I’m afraid you’ll have to change the code to something else. However, as you say your event is linked to a presentation - does this mean you’re using our Google Slides or PowerPoint integration? If so, changing the event code won’t change anything and the event will remain linked to your presentation as before. 


Let me know if my explanation makes sense or if you need more help! :)