Contacting prize winners

  • 23 October 2021
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We are doing a large quiz. People enter their own names at the beginning.

The issue is that how do we contact the person who wins without someone else with the same name contacting us and taking the prize.

For example - Peter wins Quiz #1

We do the quiz on Zoom. We say to Peter please email your contact details to so we can send you your prize.

Another Peter hears this and sends an email to Bob. How do we know which is the real Peter?


1 reply

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Hi @gavinm

That’s a very fair point! Totally understand your concern. 

How about asking the winner to take a screenshot? After the quiz is finished and you show the leaderboard, in the participants devices each person will see where they landed. 

Meaning, the winner will see they won. Like this: 


What do you think? 

Happy to address any additional questions.