Control powerpoint from computer using Switcher

  • 16 September 2021
  • 3 replies

I’m using Slido Switcher on a PC with PowerPoint. 
The client has the remote device and controls the switching between PPT and Slido questions. 
When it’s switched to PPT, I have no local control of the slides to advance them. 
Is that a thing or am I missing something?


3 replies


Hi @Event-Garde,

Hm, that should definitely not influence your movements within the slides. You should be able to go through them smoothly. 

Just to confirm:

  • Switcher is installed on the PC where you have the presentation and you have the event selected within Switcher
  • Your client has a secondary device, where they are logged into the event
  • They are able to switch between Slido and your slides

Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues with advancing slides. If you’re in a hurry, the fastest way to troubleshoot would be to reach out to our Customer Care team at

Also, if you’re a Windows user you could try our PowerPoint integration. You’ll able to add Slido interaction points directly within the presentation without the need of a secondary device. 

Hope this helped!



Thanks Francesca, 

To answer your points….

Switcher is installed on the PC, logged in and selected as the event in Switcher. Client had an iPad and could freely switch to the slido Q&A page. 

On this occasion, the switcher should have suited our needs better as the client was using it for ad-hoc Q&A as they occurred rather than at set points in the presentation. I was only the operator of the session, so have no idea if all the softwares were up to date. 


Thanks for the details! 

Oh, definitely. That sounds exactly like a use-case for Switcher rather than the integration. 

If this ever would happen again ( fingers crossed it won’t!), could you please open a chat with our Customer Care? They will reply within second and can troubleshoot on the go, so it’s easier to understand the root cause and fix it as soon as possible.