Customizing PowerPoint Slides - What I've created is different from what is seen in Present Mode

  • 27 October 2022
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I built out slides in PP and when I go to present, I don’t see that specific slide, but one that Slido integrates.  See below images:

What I built in PP (note that generic image Slido puts in when enter your question can be changes so I changed it to car logos.

What I see for the above slide in Slido Present mode.  How do I remove the info on the left as well?









1 reply

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Hi @AnnieM,

When you’re not presenting, Slido slides are only used as placeholders and any changes you make to the slides are not reflected when you start presenting.

When you start presenting, Slido slides use our usual Present mode design and at the moment you cannot change the structure of the slide or remove the information, but you can customise the colours and upload your own background. You’ll need to log in at, open the event linked to your PowerPoint deck and then follow the tutorial linked above.

You can also make the image appear at the top rather than in the centre by selecting ‘Show image before results’. This will show the image with the question at first and when you click, the image will appear in the top left corner next to the question.




Hope this helps!