Do you support Mathematical Symbols?

  • 14 January 2021
  • 3 replies

Is there a way to write mathematical symbols in slido's polls/questions?  Or integrating LaTex?

3 replies

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Hi @Caroline,


Unfortunately, we don’t support any special mathematical symbols nor LaTex. 

You can try and leverage our image poll feature for this if you simply upload a picture of the question with special symbols. However, the answers to the poll must be text/numbers only - which I realize doesn’t always work :(

Sorry about that!


Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Have a great day!

If math symbol future is added in slido it will be of great help.

or  insert image option should be in the answer. adding this feature won’t take too much time for you when you have done so many good features. Waiting and hoping these features will be added in slido soon

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Hi @sudha,

Thanks for your feedback!

Adding images to polls is actually an already existing feature. 

Here’s a detailed article on how to set it up.

Hope this helps!