Former user cannot log in as guest

  • 11 October 2021
  • 1 reply

I have a former user who still needs the ability to be added as a moderator to others’ events. When trying to add this person, we are getting an error that she has been deactivated. I am the admin and when I try to reactive I get an error that I need to purchase another seat. I dont want to reactivate her as a user, but rather just give her the ability to moderate events as a guest. 

1 reply


Hi @gramboda 

So sorry you’re having trouble adding a guest to your event.

To get to the root cause and resolve it as quickly as possible, could you please reach out to our Customer Care team at, or by opening up a chat with them (available Mon-Fri)?

To make things even faster, please include the e-mail of the colleague you wish to add, and the event you would like to add them to. 

Thank you!