Getting participants' name and email in Webex through Slido authentication

  • 14 February 2022
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if the Slido event requires Authentication by requesting name and email address, will these settings follow through if the polls are launched in a Webex meeting? Or is there way to pull the name and email address through the participants Webex login?


5 replies

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Hey @JustinD,

That’s a great question! If participants are from the same Webex organisation as the host, then Slido will automatically pull their name and email from Webex.

However, if participants are not from the same Webex organisation as the host, Slido will not pull their information from Webex even if you have set it up to require the name and email. To capture these participants’ data, you can ask them to join Slido via a browser. When they join Slido via a browser (i.e. outside of Webex), it will ask them for their names and emails if you set this up in event settings.

Alternatively, you can create a poll that asks participants for their names and emails and run it in the Webex integration. Then, when you export the results, participants who are not from the same Webex organisation as the host will still be anonymous, but all of their answers will be connected so you can see their names and emails.

I know this can be confusing, please let me know if you have any questions :)

Is there a way to get the respondent's name to display when using the Slido app in WebEx? Every test I have done so far has resulted in anonymous responses in my reporting download. 


Hey @ctalbot,

If you’re using Slido in Webex and your participants join using their Webex app they should be logged in to your event directly with their credentials if they are from the same Webex organization as you.

Unless they manually switch themselves to be anonymous when voting, their responses should be submitted under their e-mail/name. You should be able to get the results by pulling up poll results per user in Slido exports.

Could you please confirm that while doing the test your participants were from the same organization when voting in Slido through the Webex app? Let me know more details about your test and how it was performed and I might be able to provide you with other options regarding how you can get the names of your respondents.

Hope this helps! :)

Hi @Patrik from Slido,


We host many webinars for external audiences where the majority of people are not part of our WebEx organization.  We do have a registration process for each event where name and email addresses are collected prior to entry or an event. We need to find a way that will make it easy for our participants to have their names attached to reporting we do on our event polls. Do you have any suggestions?  



Hey @ctalbot ,

In this case I would recommend setting up the event in a way that it will ask for participant’s name (or email, whatever you prefer). But there might be a problem with participants joining through the browser and if an email has no Webex account, it would be listed as Anonymous.

In this case the best solution would be to ask for the name in one of the polls, and that would provide you with the name connected to the answers regardless if they joined as Anonymous or not. That is also explained in the article I hyperlinked :) 

Hope this helps!