How can I end my slido event early?

  • 2 September 2022
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My event is a one day event but it doesn’t mean it’ll go on for 24 hours. It’s a 4-hour event. The shortest event duration I can set up in Slido is one whole day. I don’t want to wait until midnight to see the poll results. I want to be able to see them as soon as the event ends after 4 hours and share it with the participants. How can I end the event early, and access the analytics without waiting for the next day?

3 replies

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Hi @aprilm,

No need to worry, you won’t have to wait until the event is over to see results. As soon as you activate a poll and participants submit answers, you will see them in your admin and present mode (if you’re showing the results).

We have a detailed explanation of how event dates work here:

Hope this helps! :)


Things I’m trying to understand are:

How can we see the names of the voters in the poll option?

Can i see the voter names while the poll is still live so I can see who’s yet to vote?

How can we see the analytics while the event is still live? It sends an email report the next day but that’s too late. The event is 4 hours long. We need to see the results as soon as the 4-hour period ends. 

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Hey @aprilm,

Great questions!

You can see the names of participants instantly in open text polls (if you enable it) and in the Q&A. For other polls, you can only see participants’ names when you export the results.

The Analytics tab in your admin updates automatically and you can export results at any point during or after the event. As I mention above as well, results will also show up in your admin straightaway after you activate a poll and participants vote in it.

Hope this helps! :)