How can I see multiple "hardest questions" at the end of a quiz?

  • 2 September 2021
  • 1 reply

I’m working to create a 25 question quiz for a “Trivia” event, and I see that I can view the “toughest question”, but is there a way to see multiple “tough questions”? Basically, I’d like to see which  questions the most  participants get wrong  and talk through the correct answers live within the event… 

1 reply

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Hi @Matt Saunders,

Unfortunately, it’s only possible to see a single top toughest question at the end of a quiz.

However, you should see the percentage of people who voted for each answer when going through the quiz. This means that, if it fits your format, you can elaborate on the wrong answers right throughout the quiz, instead of waiting till the end. 

Please let me know if this makes sense - happy to elaborate! :)