How can I share polls, quizzes or surveys across an organisation?

  • 4 June 2022
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I work for in a large trainer team. Can I (or others) create polls and then share them across our facilitators so we can all use them? We all have SSO.


Best answer by Jenai from Slido 10 June 2022, 14:34

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Brilliant - thank you Jenai


Hi @Felix2109,

I think I understand what you’re getting at. There’s no straightforward way for your facilitators to extract those polls they would like to use for their own events but there is a workaround. 

You could create a dummy event, put all the polls you would like to share in it, then invite your facilitators as guest collaborators to the event.

Once the facilitators have access to the dummy event, they should duplicate it and delete those polls not relevant to their own event in the duplicated event. When presenting, they should only activate the duplicated event (clicking “present in full screen” automatically displays the activated event). 

You can set the date of the dummy event for a maximum of up to a year so you don’t have to keep changing it.

Let me know if this helps or answers your question.

Thanks Jenai. Let me fun this concept past you (cos I am not looking for others to use the polls WITH me but in their OWN classes. So can I perhaps set up a (dummy) event into the future, put in all the polls that we want to share in that event, and then they can all “extract” those they want to use for their own events? Assuming this works, I probably have to keep changing the date of the dummy event so they dont disappear. Is there a time line ahead of which we cannot schedule events?
Thanks - hope my question makes sense


Hi @Felix2109 

Yes, you and others can create polls and share them with your facilitators so they can use them also.

You will need to create your event, then invite your facilitators as guest collaborators via email in the share access section of your event settings.

You can find a more detailed overview of sharing and adding guest collaborators here:

Let me know if this helps.