How do I create 1 slido event with multiple quizzes that will not be connected?

  • 8 September 2021
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I have a presentation tomorrow and creating a slido event that has many quizzes for. the team.   Each will need to be treated as a separate quiz with its own leaderboard.  I dont want to create multiple slido events (because this will be a pain for the audience).  I want to create 1 slido event that will then have multiple quizzes with each one having their own leaderboard and not connected to the other quizzes.  Is this possible?  Thanks

1 reply

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Hi @lvenkate

You should be able to create multiple quizzes within a single event. Please see the quick tutorial below. This option is not possible only in Basic plans which are limited to one quiz per event. 

Adding another quiz in Webex:
If you’re using the Webex integration and you already have a poll or a quiz created in your event, you’ll see a green ‘plus’ button or ‘create a poll’ link underneath.

Clicking any of them would automatically create a blank Multiple-choice poll as a default option. To change it to quiz and start adding your questions, simply click the ‘Multiple-choice’ drop-down and select quiz:


Using Slido Admin: 

If you’re in Slido admin, click the green “Create poll” button and select Quiz from the drop-down: 

Hope this helps. Please let me know if anything’s unclear. Happy to help!