How do I use the same slido code for the quiz and Q&A?

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi - I have created a quiz on Slido but want to use the same code for a Q&A session. Once I have completed the quiz and try to present Q&A it still shows the quiz. Can I use the code for multiple actions or do I create a new slido?

2 replies

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Hi @Angelique

Yes, you can! 

Running a quiz with slido is designed to go alongside the Q & A feature, so you can achieve this in one event without having to create another Slido event 😁

What you could do when running a Q & A event before or after a live quiz is disable Q & A features. This will prevent any distractions whilst you are running a quiz. Alternatively, you could just have the Q & A feature on, but with moderation, so you can collect and review the questions as they come in before presenting them 😊.

Hope this helps!

@Cori from slido Hi I’m setting up a quiz and want to use Q&As afterwards. I will need to know names for the quiz (to identify winner) but want the participants to still be able to submit anonymous questions. Does that function still exist i.e. does it treat the two functions (quiz and Q&As) separately?