How long can you keep Q&A active?

  • 21 July 2022
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Dear Slido community,


I would like to know how long can you keep a Q&A and poll active with a free account. I would like to reuse the same link/event for some time (maybe some months). Is that possible with a free account? I read about the permanent link but not sure if I understood. Also, when I try to change the end date of the event, it’s not possible to be longer than one week.


Thank you in advance!





3 replies

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Hi @J. Delgado

If you create a permanent link to your event, your polls and Q&A are always active, unless you manually deactivate them in the event. This is probably your best option and would mean you don’t need to change the dates. 😊

Hope this helps!

Hello @Cori from slido,


Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate it!


Great, I shared the link to the event internally following the permanent link steps. I had to select end date for my event. As per your response, it will not apply and my Q&A and poll will remain active? Or it will end but I can always reactivate it and share the same link with the participants?


Thank you again and have a great weekend,



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Hi @J. Delgado

That’s great, I’m so glad I could help with that one. And that’s correct, the event will still be accessible indefinitely via the link, even when the event code has expired! 😁

Thank you, you too!