How to limit the number of responses in a multiple choice poll?

  • 24 January 2021
  • 1 reply


I would like to limit the number of options to select in a Multiple choice poll to 1.

I created a multiple choice poll, entered answers and selected “Limit number of options to select” und chose “1” and pressed “save”. When I reopen the question the limit is gone.

What can I do?

1 reply

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Hi @Nora,


This is indeed a strange behaviour - did you try to test it from the Participant view? 
If not, I’d suggest activating the poll and then logging in to Slido as a participant to see if you’re still able to choose more than 1 answer in you multiple choice poll. 


If you did test it in the Participant view - my only suggestion would be to log out and then back into your admin to see if that helped. 


If you’re still having problems with your poll, it’d be best to contact, they can look into things in more depth for you! 

Please let me know if things worked out or if you need any more help :)