How to show poll results only to admin?

  • 12 November 2020
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Isn’t it possible to have a closed voting poll? If you have a big competition where the winner is via votes from the audiance, and during the voting only the admin can see the results? If the voting is visible for everyone and updated every time someone cast their vote, the excitement doesn’t really happen… 

Thanks - Nico

1 reply

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Hi Nico,

Yes, it is possible to hide the results of a poll from your participants. 

You simply need to click on the ‘chart’ button, right next to the poll activation button. This will hide the results both on the participant devices and on the Present mode.

Once it’s time to reveal the winner, you simply click that same button again or on ‘Show results’ and the results will go live for everyone to see! Here’s a full article on this topic.


💡 Pro tip: When it comes to voting competitions and Slido, you can also lock the vote once you want your participants to stop voting so that when you go show the results, they will remain unchanged. Here’s more info on that.


Let us know how it goes! :)