How to test query parameters with an embedded event?

  • 5 October 2020
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According to this page, I should be able to embed a Slido participant view into an iframe and supply the query parameter user_name=First%20Last to preload the user’s name as “First Last” into the profile.  Furthermore, I should also be able to supply user_email and user_company in a similar way.

This doesn’t appear to be working.  No matter what values I specify for user_name, user_email, and user_company, the participant view starts with an empty profile.  If I was previously logged in, it starts with the logged in profile.  In no case that I find does it respect these three query parameters.

It does, at least, appear to respect the lang=fr_CA query parameter, so I can make it French (or whatever language I choose, presumably).  So the URL parser isn’t completely broken.  But is there something I am missing about the profile parameters?



3 replies


Ah, after posing the same question directly to Slido support, I got the answer: if the event page has been loaded in a particular browser recently without the query parameter, then it installs a cookie that prevents the query parameter from working in the future. The solution is to ensure that there is no possibility of loading the event page without the query parameter set.


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Hi David,


Yes, testing in incognito window or deleting cookies should help! 


Thank you for your question - and making sure that we also have an answer to it here in the community 🙌

I am facing similar issue.

My Scenario, 

After Login, read name of user from profile and append it to query parameter user_name.


Logged in with user name : John and its showing correct user name : “John”.

Log out and again Login with different user : David and its still showing “John” instead of “David”.

I guess, here its coming from earlier created cookie by first user login.

I want to show name of logged in user, so it will be different for different loggedin users.

Can anyone please guide on how to achieve that?