How to use the same slido event code multiple times

  • 23 June 2022
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Hi there, 

I’m looking for some clarification around reusing the same event multiple times. I’ve read the articles about reusing codes within powerpoint but am still a bit confused. 

In my case, I am looking to re-use the same Slido event for a workshop that will be run multiple times on different dates. Currently, when I reuse the same event / event code the audience sees responses from the previous session. Is my only option to clear the results or duplicate the event?

My team likes to save the results so we can analyze the data, but we are also trying to avoid constantly duplicating events as it can get confusing for our facilitation team when they log into Slido to find & activate the event. I would love to be able to export analytics from one single event code and see the answers/ results from various sessions in one place. 


Any guidance/ best practices around doing this would be super helpful. 


Thank you!

3 replies

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Hey @Laura Hill,

Good news! You actually can export event data, so you could export analytics after each event and then reset the poll results. You can then run the event again and it will not have the results from the previous workshop.

Alternatively, when you duplicate an event, it creates a clean copy without the previous poll results, so you don’t need to clear the results before duplicating an event.

Both of the options above would work fine, so if I were you, I would decide based on your setup. If you are using PowerPoint, then it would be easier to export results and reset the event. This way you can keep the same event linked to your presentation deck. However, if you’re using Slido on its own, then it might be better to duplicate your event, just because you don’t have to reset your data after every event.

Hope this helps :)

Hi There, 

I have a further question relating to this. I am wanting to use the same powerpoint and slido slides for an event spanning 4 days where the presentation will be repeated each day to a new audience, as such for each day i would like the data to be saved separately (4 seperate sets of data in total). 


I have tried duplicating the session to cover the 4 days however when i click switch session within powerpoint, i completely lose the order of my Slido slides within the presentation and have to redistribute them all over again to their correct places.


Is there a way around this other than exporting the data at the end of the day and reseting the session? Ideally i want to be able to switch sessions and have the slido slides remain in place.


Thankyou in advance for you help! 

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Hi @Medifab,

At the moment the only way to re-use a presentation and keep Slido slides in the same place is to export data and reset the session. Alternatively, you could create 4 copies of your presentation and then create a room for each session in Slido. Then you would need to link each room to each presentation.

Hope this helps :) I will pass this on as feedback.