Is it possible to ask attendees for ideas and to vote on them in real time?

Hi, I would like to run a simple interaction at an event. I would like to ask the audience to come up with a name for our intranet, and then have them vote on the options and it all come up on screen in real time in our meeting? Is that possible with the free account? (A different question is whether this is a good idea… in case the intranet ends up with a silly name). Appreciate any advice on this! Thank you. 

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Hi @Claire_P,

The best solution would be to use our ideas feature. This lets participants submit open text responses and upvote others’ responses to a specific topic, but it is a paid feature.

Using a free account, you could run an open text poll, copy and paste the responses into a ranking poll and ask participants to rank them. You could also run a word cloud - the most common answers will show up as the largest.

There’s always a risk that you might end up with a silly name but that can be a good opportunity to crack a joke and build a friendly atmosphere in the team. You can then simply choose the next most popular name that is not silly. Alternatively, ideas, open text and word cloud polls all have moderation so you can delete silly answers.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Thanks Maggie!