Is it possible to create dependencies in a survey?

  • 3 August 2021
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Hi all!
I’d like to know if anyone knows if there’s a chance to build dependencies in surveys with questions and predefined answers to choose?

For example:

If a participant choose in a survey that he/she’s ‘not satisfied’ then get other follow-up questions for unsatisfied participants as in contrast a participant who’s choosing ‘satisfied’.

So the advantage would be to ask specific questions related to the answer before.

Thanks in advance!



9 replies

Hey there, this is a good feature, we need this too in our company
Any help?

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Hello @Benedikt and @Max Stockbauer

Good question! The team is currently looking into polls and surveys and different ways of presenting results. Would you mind explaining the use cases where you would use the dependancies in surveys?

I’d be happy to forward the idea to our product team for further consideration, so the more you could share about how you would benefit from the functionality, the better! 

Thanks both. 



Hi Dasa,

I already mentioned a example right in the initial question…

But once again:
You have a survey running and one question is ‘are you satisfied with current situation?’

Participant A selects the predefined answer ‘Yes’ and gets the question-path for satisfied participants with questions what can be done even better, positive feedback of customer success and so on.

Participant B selects the predefined answer ‘No!’ and gets the question-path for unsatisfied participants with special questions why he/she’s unsatisfied, the issues, what could be changed and so on.

So there would be a need for conditions and dependencies in surveys… If participant selects predefined answer A present question-path A, if participant selects predefined answer B go question-path B and so on… when the special-path is over jump back to next question in main-path.

Thats pretty standard in other tools for surveys.



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Hi, @Benedikt

Thanks again for the example and sorry for not being more clear before.

I tried to get more insights about the cases when you would use this kind of survey, but you answered that. 

We’re shifting our focus from solely live interaction to also bringing more options for asynchronous use. Let’s see which improvements will the team come up with. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions or feedback, we always appreciate it!


Hello @Dasa from Slido , I’m following up to see if such an option has been created. I saw that a team was able to create a bilingual survey (at the beginning of the survey, it allows the participants to choose their language and then the relevant survey will continue). Please let me know how I could make such a bilingual survey. Thanks.

@Dasa from Slido Any luck with creating conditional/dependency survey questions?

Hi @Dasa from Slido, Do you have any update about this request?, it will very helpful for us to have conditional/dependency survey questions :)

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Hey @Adrienne Phillips and @HenkelHR,

Unfortunately conditional survey questions are still not possible in Slido. Thank you for flagging it though, I will pass this on to our product team.

Let me know if you need help with anything else :)

Are there any news on this feature? I had quite some cases where it would have been great to have the possibility for conditional questions.

E.g. for surveys - ending a survey if a specific answer is selected, etc.

Would love to hear from you! Thanks.