Is it possible to filter poll results based on the previous question?

  • 13 December 2020
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I would like to create a survey which is sent to different locations. Is it possible to create a question like “Which location are you from” and then filter the results based on this question within the report?

I would like to see how people from different location answer differently, but also, I don’t want to set up 24 rooms.



1 reply

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Hi Julia,


Yes, you can just add this question to the survey - I would recommend it as a multiple-choice poll (if you know all the possible locations).

Then, after you collect all the responses, you can export the poll data per user (under analytics) and simply filter the responses by the locations column. 


You can find more info on formatting the results here.


Let me know if this worked for your use case!


Have a great day :)