Is it possible to use Slido for a non-live event?

  • 17 March 2021
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Is it possible to use Slido outside of a live event? I am interested in sharing documents with my audience then then having them respond with polls, questions and more, but over the space of several days on their own time, not just immediately in a meeting. 


Is this possible?


Thanks so much for any guidance.

4 replies

I’m interested in using Slido for strategic planning, and use polls and questions that respondents can look at over several days as they read and respond to posted documents (elsewhere in a cloud) in their own time. 

Is this possible with Slido? Can the events and poll etc stay open for several days?


Thank you.

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Hi @jsg,


Yes, this is possible by sharing a permanent link to your event with your audience. They’ll be able to submit their questions and vote in polls asynchronously.

When using a permanent link, your event remains active forever (or until you delete it). All the security settings remain, however, your participants will only be able to access it via the link and not the event code. The event code expires within 7 days. 


Just a quick tip - if you have multiple polls planned for your participants, I’d suggest compiling them into a survey. This way, all of the polls will be active at the same time and your audience can vote in all of them in their own time. 

I’d also suggest keeping the moderation off so that your audience can see the questions that have already been submitted in real-time and upvote the ones that they’d want to ask too. This will prevent multiple questions asking the same. 


Let me know how everything worked out and if you need any more help! Seems like a very interesting use case :) 

This is awesome. While people are responding to that non live event can I still run a poll during a live event?

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Hi @Bramelbella,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to run two polls at the same time. 

However, you can always create multiple rooms, where one room will be dedicated to pre or post event surveys, collecting questions, etc. and then have the second one dedicated to the live event where you can run polls live. 

Here’s more info on how to set up multiple rooms 🚪


Let me know if this set up works for you or if you need any other questions!