Is there any way to show more contributions to a free text poll at once?

  • 26 November 2021
  • 2 replies

The default presentation view of a free text poll only gets a few answers on screen at a time. Is there any way to configure a smaller font to show more answers at once? (We can scroll, but new answers popping in at the top make what the audience see through presentation view difficult to follow)

2 replies

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Hi @hopecitychurch,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change the size of the font. This is to make sure that all text is properly visible. 

We realize that scrolling is not a great experience, especially with new submissions popping in at the top. A good tip that we use is to start all the way at the bottom and slowly scroll up - this way you’ll only see the submissions that are there already and they won’t move until you come to the top 😊


Please let me know if this could work for you or if you need any more help!

Yep scrolling up is what we’re doing right now - but surely allowing limited font size configuration wouldn’t be impossible? In word cloud you already use smaller font sizes for low-vote answers so it’s not that you universally believe smaller fonts are illegible ;)

Or what about adding an auto-scroll option if you won’t allow font size configuration?