Participant viewing presentation whilst using SLIDO Q&A/Polls

  • 26 October 2021
  • 1 reply

Hello, about to use Slido my first time with powerpoint.  Understand how to instruct participants to go into browser for etc - how do they view slide presentation over Teams whilst also interacting via Q&A and Polls?  Do they need two devices or do they see my slides on same desktop as their Slido?  

1 reply



Apologies, your post somehow slipped through the cracks and I’ve just noticed it :( 

Were you able to use Slido for your meeting? To answer your questions, yes - participants go trough the event code and once there they are able to participant in all interaction points from your presentation. 

However, for them to see the presentation, you need to share your screen through Teams. Once you have the presentation on full screen, you simply go through your slides and once Slido pops up, they will see it on their devices.

They won’t have access to your presentations or the slides. If you’re using MS Teams you can also try out our integration and add Slido to your Teams meeting like this 👇


Let me know if you would have any questions or concerns, I’d be happy to address them. :)