Poll Results

  • 20 September 2021
  • 1 reply

I have an active poll going on right now but I am unable to see the current results when I pull up the poll.  It is scheduled to conclude tomorrow.


This is the second poll I have done and did not have this issue with the first one.

1 reply


Hi @Gar

Hope this reply didn’t come too late!

Could you specify where exactly are you checking the results? You should see all of them in your admin, right next to the poll on the right side -> 3dots -> view results as well as in the participant mode.

Unless you have a survey running. It’s only type where results won’t be seen on the participant mode.

To show the results, you would need to share the Present View mode or view them directly from the admin. 

Happy to dig deeper if neither of these solutions did the trick.