PowerPoint Display Issue

  • 27 April 2022
  • 3 replies


Questions have started to appear outside the PowerPoint frame. I didn’t have this issue before today.  

All poll types are giving me the same issue.


3 replies

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Hi @michelemantero,

Sorry to hear Slido isn’t displaying properly. This seems to happen when you have set your display settings in PowerPoint to "Optimize for best appearance".

Follow these steps to resize Slido:

  1. File > Options > General > User Interface options
  2. Set it to Optimize for compatibility

Let me know if this helped 🤗


Just FYI: I altered your screenshot so that your event and QR code are not visible publicly :)

Thank you Meggie! This worked for me, although not at first. I also resaved, closed the powerpoint, all my applications and restarted my computer and then when I re-opened it worked beautifully :) Thanks so much!

Thank you Meggie for the answer and for hiding my slido #.