PowerPoint Display Issues (Participant responses outside the displayable frame)

  • 17 March 2022
  • 3 replies


As you see on the screenshots, the participant responses are partly shown outside the displayable frame when using pictures within the poll. 

It seems as a bug of the auto-zoom feature.

Is there a there work around?


3 replies

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Hi @Rouven,

For multiple choice and ranking polls, you should be able to scroll down and see all responses.

When it comes to the word cloud, this is an issue we fixed earlier today so it should be showing up as normal now.

Could you please try again and let me know if the issue persists? Thank you 🤗

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hello @Maggie from Slido ,

Thank you for the fast reply.

You’re right, the polls with the cut end can be scrolled, this was not obvious for me but works fine.

  The word cloud is now centralized,but quite small (s. screenshot).


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Hi @Rouven,

Glad to hear that it works now :)

Thanks for sharing that screenshot as well! I have passed this on.