Present mode control panel disappeared?

Hi there everyone,

I was testing a poll for my meeting and I see that present mode control panel disappeared and I cannot go to the next polls from there. Any idea why is this?


Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Crina Do , 

Could you let me know what steps you took before this happened and if possible send a screenshot of what you are seeing? 



I’m having the same problem. The control panel is not there in present mode so I can’t move from one question to the next while hosting a quiz. If I remember rightly there should be a set of controls to move from one question to the next in the bottom left corner of the screen but there’s nothing there anymore.

I’ve attached a screenshot and circled where I think the control panel should be. Anything you can do to help?

Thanks in advance.



Control panel on presenter mode disappeared, how to set it again

I didn’t do anything 

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Hey @Sam H and @Ramcontinental,

Thank you for sharing! Are you perhaps using our Google slides or Powerpoint integration?

How are you launching present mode? Is it by clicking on the green Present button in Slido admin?