Pulling a jpeg off to share via email

Is it possible to simply pull a JPEG off to share with my team and to encourage participation?

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Hi @Dr. Michael,

I’m not sure what you mean by pulling a JPEG to share with your team?

Within Slido, on our engage plan or higher, you can add an image to your poll or quiz, or add images to your slides if you are using Slido with Google Slides or PowerPoint

Hope this helps!


I want to take the Word Cloud generated so far on the slido platform, and share it via email with our workforce as an image, encouraging others to step up and enter their own data.


Is that making sense?



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Hi @Dr. Michael

Ah, yes, I’m with you! 

So the easiest way you can do this is by taking a screenshot and cropping the image to share via email. 

You may also be interested in our event infographics which you can use to share data already collected with colleagues! 

Hope this helps!