Speed of Answers on Quiz

  • 16 September 2022
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Is there a way to make it so the speed of participants’ answers doesn’t matter in quizzes? My team are complaining that it isn’t fair on people that have slower internet connections, English isn’t their first language etc which is fair enough. To make it more inclusive I’d like it to just be a simple 1 point for correct, 0 points for incorrect. Is this possible? 

1 reply

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At the moment, you can’t disable measuring participants’ speed in quizzes, but the leaderboard uses the number of correct answers as the main metric and only relies on speed if two participants are tied.

However, if you want to completely disregard speed, you could run a survey instead. After all participants have submitted answers, you could export poll results per user and see only the number of correct answers as the survey doesn’t rely on speed.

Thank you for the insight though! I will pass this on.

Hope this helps! :)