Structure Slido events with separate access

  • 1 July 2021
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Hey all,


Is it possible to structure events in clusters and give different people access to single clusters? For example I would like to have several slido events for one team. Only the team should be able to access all those events and also set up new events within their team area.

1 reply

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Hi @Katharina,

Structuring events in clusters is not possible at the moment, although there is a way to achieve something similar using guest access.

Here's how it would work:

  1. You would need to add all team members you'd like to have access to Slido as users to the license.
  2. Every user under the license would be able to create events and invite other users to their events as guests. Without being invited to someone else's event, users only have access to their own events.

Users under the same license with guest access are able to access multiple events and they can also change Event Settings. That way, your teams would essentially create clusters themselves.

Here is a tutorial for adding users to your account and here is a tutorial for inviting guests to an event. Please note, adding team members as users under the license comes with additional cost

Let me know if this helped or if you have any questions :)