Track who's voting and restrict who can vote

  • 4 January 2021
  • 1 reply

With what's going on in todays world we are looking to use Slido at the firehouse as a mechanism for everyone to vote for the officers in the annual company meeting. However I’m trying to figure out a way, if someone can enter their name so I can verify who is voting. For company meetings we only allow full active members to participate in votes. for an example probationary members would be in the meeting just not allowed to vote. Is there a way to do this?

1 reply


Hi @Harrison36LVFD,


Thanks for your question.


With our paid plans, it is possible to ask participants to enter their names when joining the event. Once the meeting is over, you can export poll results per user and see who’s voted (and how). That said, I believe that for your use case this isn’t an ideal solution as it seems that you’d need that information in real-time and not post-event. 


With Slido, once someone joins an event, they’re able to freely interact with it - it isn’t possible to limit some people from voting while others not. One other possible solution is to protect the event with a passcode (also available with our paid plans) and only share it with the people who are allowed to vote (or create a separate event for them dedicated only to voting). 


I hope this helps at least a bit. Feel free also to check our Pricing page, if interested.


Best wishes,