Trying to a "guess who this" quiz

  • 22 December 2020
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  • When I add a picture to the slide - it shows up in the middle of the slide - looks great.


    Other times it ends up in the title of the slide and never goes back to the main image of the slide.

    I think this on purpose when I do “Show results”.

    Is there a way to preview the slide without it moving the picture because the only way I can get the picture to be in the middle of the slide is to delete it and create a new one.


    - Rob

1 reply


Hi Rob @rbergin,


Thank you for posting your question to Slido Community. 


Based on your message, I assume you’re using either our PowerPoint or Google Slides integration?


If the issue still persists, could you please let me know at so we can troubleshoot this more quickly? I’d like to learn more about the behavior you mention and make sure that we understand what causes it.


Thank you,