Unanswered questions - how to run a follow up session?

  • 7 December 2020
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We had a session where we got Q&A and answered what we can. Looking for suggestions/how-to.

We plan to have a follow up session. Would you suggest:

  1. Start a new Event and if the past questions were important enough, the audience (same audience) can ask them and vote on them from scratch?
  2. Use the previous Event and just adjust the Event start and end date to the new planned session? Is that how to use the tool even? Guessing this may mess up stats/metrics that are tracked behind the scenes.
  3. Can I as admin, create a new Event and prepopulate questions anonymous? Does this seem like a good idea? I don’t think I can prepopulate votes to try to mimic how popular a question was from a previous Event?
  4. Something else?

I tried to search the community and failed to find a similar question/article.

1 reply

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Hi there,


I would recommend using the same event - as you describe it in option 2. All exports are timestamped, which means you can easily divide the 2 sessions when it comes to data, plus you will keep the popular vote from questions’ upvote.

At our internal sessions at Slido, we reuse events all the time to make sure we don’t lose valuable questions and to save time. 


You can also use Labels. By labelling all your unanswered questions from your first session before the start of your second one will make it easier to see which questions came in during the second session without having to check the timestamps, since these questions will have no label. 


Let me know if this helped and good luck at your event!