Upvoting answers to open text poll

  • 27 May 2022
  • 1 reply

HI - Does slido have the option for other people to upvote answers submitted in an open-text poll, then rank ordering the answers according to the answers submitted? Or can this feature be submitted? It is a very useful feature I’ve used in another polling app. Thanks

1 reply

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Hi @frank2000

Thank you for your question!

The open text poll does not allow users to upvote other's responses, but it's a great idea! Instead, you could collect answers in an open text poll and then run a ranking poll to let participants choose their favorite.  Once your participants are done, Slido will then display the highest ranking answers.


Another feature that could work for this purpose is by collecting ideas. This feature is especially useful for brainstorming topics. Participants are able to interact by upvoting ideas submitted. The ideas with the highest number of upvotes will display at the top.

Hope this helps!