What's the maximum number of active events?

  • 13 October 2020
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how many active events may I have open on my account at the same time?


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1 reply

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Hi there,


The short answer is - unlimited.


If you have an annual license, you can have as many events as you want, they can also be concurrent. However, if you have concurrent events and need help with admin or moderation, we suggest you purchase additional seats or invite someone else as guests to admin your event, as sharing login credentials is against our T&Cs.


If you’ve purchased multiple one-time events, they can also be concurrent. The same T&Cs apply, and login credentials cannot be shared, therefore we recommend using the guest feature to add additional collaborators to your events.

You can also have concurrent Basic (free) events, however if you need to administrate them at once, it can get challenging as the guest feature is not included in Basic.


Please let me know if this answered your question! :)