How can I divide my audience into teams for quiz?

  • 20 January 2021
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is there any possibility to divide event participants into teams for poll or quiz?

3 replies

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Hi @IvCan,


Great question - thank you!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to divide your audience into teams for a quiz within Slido - but there is a workaround.


If you’re planning to do your quiz online over a video call - you can divide your participants into breakout rooms (depending on what videoconferencing tool you’re using) and ask them to only submit answers per team. 

They can choose their team name and log into Slido with that name and have only one person from that team submitting answers to Slido.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll be able to see a leaderboard with all the teams’ names to determine a winner. 


If you’re looking to host this quiz in-person - the same thing applies. You can have your participants sit in teams and only have one person from each team responsible for submitting the answers to Slido.


I realize that this is not the simplest option to pull off, so please do let us know how it worked for you or if you need any more help from our side!


Good luck and happy quizzing :)  

Hi @Alex,


thank you for the workaround.


I am planning to do the quiz online using the stream tool. I do also need to see an order of competitors and winner for each team individually. So I cannot use the workaround proposed by you.


I think I am going to create two individual Slido events with the same quiz. One for each team. 

@Alex, can there be running two events for one Slido account at the same time?


Or maybe I would find better tool for the requirements.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi again,

Ah, I see - then running 2 quizzes at the same time would be a better option. 


Yes, you can definitely have 2 Slido events running at the same time, unless you’re using a one-time paid license - this type of license would only work for one of the events. 

However, if you’re using an annual license or a basic-free account, then it’s definitely possible :) 


Here’s an all-about-quizzes article that might be worth a read too.


Please let us know how it went - this is a very interesting use case!