Slido Teams up With Zoom to Bring More Interaction to Your Online Meetings

  • 13 October 2020
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Slido Teams up With Zoom to Bring More Interaction to Your Online Meetings

Slido Teams up With Zoom To Bring More Interaction to Your Online Meetings

We are excited to announce that Slido has teamed up with Zoom and is one of the apps that support the official launch of Zapps

Zoom introduced Zapps (best of breed collaboration and productivity apps within Zoom experience) on October 14 during their annual user conference Zoomtopia. With Zapps, Zoom is bringing even more engagement and collaboration to the hundreds of millions of daily Zoom meeting participants around the globe.

We look forward to bringing Slido to Zoom to make it even easier for you to interact with your remote teams and audiences during your Zoom Meetings.


What will Slido for Zoom allow you to do?


Slido for Zoom will let you engage your participants throughout your Zoom meeting with:

📊Live polls (multiple choice, word cloud, open text, rating, survey)

🏆Quizzes with leaderboard

🙋‍♀️Audience Q&A



You will be able to manage all interaction from one place, without switching between applications.


When will Slido for Zoom be available?

Slido for Zoom app is currently under development, and we are planning to make it available towards the end of 2020. This will be the first version of the integration and we will be gradually adding more features.


Can I get notified when it’s available?

Go to and enter your email address to keep updated.


Which Slido plan is required?

Slido for Zoom will be available with all plans, including Basic.


Will Slido for Zoom work with Zoom Meeting and/or Zoom Video Webinar (add-on)?

Slido for Zoom will work with both Zoom Meeting and Zoom Video Webinar products.


What happens with the current integration with Zoom Video Webinar?

The current integration is still in beta, with limited functionality. Once the new Slido for Zoom app is live and based on your feedback, we will evaluate if there are any use cases better served by the current one. It will be available for the time being.

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