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  • 24 August 2020
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Our annual licenses are active for exactly one year. You can renew your annual plan online directly from your account, or request an invoice to meet your approval policies. 

As we do not store your credit card details, there’s no auto-renewal in place with our paid plans. If you decide not to renew, your account will automatically turn back to Basic once your subscription expires. 


To review the features and prices of annual plans we offer, visit our Pricing page.

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Renew online

You can easily renew your license from Slido Admin anytime during the subscription period and up to 60 days after the expiration of the license. We will send you an email 60 days before your license expiration date. You can click the link in the email or you can renew via the banner in your account. 

Only account owners can renew the license.


Renew your account from the banner notification


To renew your existing plan anytime during the subscription period:

1. Go to your profile icon
2. Select Organization settings and billing
3. In Organization settings, under the General tab, click on Renew
4. Fill in billing information and complete the payment


Renew your account from Organization settings

Once the payment is done, you will find your invoice under Organization settings.


If you need help with the renewal or changing the number of additional users, send us an email at We'll sort it out for you!


Renew via invoice


If you can't renew your license with a credit card or need an invoice before the payment, please fill out the form below. Once we confirm all the details we'll renew your plan and send you the invoice in return. 


You can then pay via credit card or bank transfer. 


Please fill out this form to request an invoice.


Need additional billing or procurement information? Read more in Procuring Slido article.


Useful tips:

  • Renewing after the license expired
    If you decided to renew later than 60 days after your license expired, you can simply buy a plan via our Pricing page.
  • Changing your plan
    If you wish to change your plan for the next year, go to Events tab in your account and click the plan badge in the upper left corner. This will open the Pricing page, where you just need to click the “Buy now” button under your preferred plan. Then, simply fill in your billing details and check the final price for your renewal:


  • Explore new features and functionality
    To see what's changed in Slido over the past year, you can simply take a look at the Product news directly in your account.



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