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  • 26 November 2021
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Get the most out of your Slido or Webex license by moving all existing Slido users from the same company under a single account. 

This can be especially useful if you have a Webex license and want everybody with an existing Slido account benefit from the paid plan, or when you want to make sure all company data are stored at one place. 


License Consolidation is available for Enterprise plans with 30+ users and for all Webex users.


What does license consolidation mean? 

All current and future Slido company accounts or accounts with the same domain will be consolidated together under one Slido license account.

The account owner of the centralized license will be responsible for user management and communication, privacy and organization-wide settings, purchasing of the license and all associated users seats.

Benefits of license consolidation:

  • Maximizing the value for a paid Slido or Webex license
  • All existing accounts are managed by a single company license. When combined with the restricted signup, new users will be also added to the company license
  • All company data in one place
  • Ability to adjust the settings on account-level to make sure all created events meet security or branding criteria
  • Global access to all paid Slido features


How to proceed:

  1. Open this form and submit the details for the license consolidation 
  2. After the verification of the domain claim, we’ll send you the list of Slido users with your domain
  3. Select one of the options below for each user in the list and email it back to us to
    • Migrate under the main account 
    • Delete from Slido 
    • Leave as it is
  1. Once we discuss all the details with you, we’ll proceed with the migration or deletion of the user accounts based on your needs. 

If you’re using Webex or planning on doing so, you can integrate Slido with Webex app to let meeting hosts and attendees interact with Slido directly via their meeting screen. 



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