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  • 11 April 2021
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If you wish to use Live polls during your Slido event, you must create them first and then activate them. Please bear in mind that activating multiple polls at once is only available in our paid plans using the Survey feature.


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Types of polls we offer


In total, you can choose from 6 different types of Live polls in Slido:

  • Multiple choice - Poll the audience with a multiple-choice question to learn more about their preferences and opinions
  • Word cloud - A word cloud turns open-text responses into a cloud of words whose size will depend on how many times they have been submitted by the participants
  • Quiz - Test the knowledge of your participants or run a trivia quiz during your event
  • Rating - Create a rating poll and allow attendees to send feedback on your presentation or rate their experience
  • Open text - Use the open text poll to have attendees type in words or longer text
  • Ranking - Learn about your participants’ preferences by letting them prioritize the options with a ranking poll


If you want to activate multiple polls at once, create a Survey (available in all our paid plans).


Create and run your polls


Choose a poll type you wish to use, add your question, and either hit Save or Launch.

Please bear in mind that your polls are mainly meant for real-time interaction and that participants can vote in polls only when they’re active. You can activate a poll either by clicking Launch when creating it or by hitting the green Activate poll button next to it.


Creating and running a poll

If you wish for participants to vote in a poll asynchronously or outside of your set event dates, share the direct poll link with them. 


Testing a poll

To test your polls from the participant’s perspective, open the Participant mode widget on the left-hand side, submit a test vote and then reset the results once you’re done.


Testing polls


Working with polls


There are several poll settings that you might find handy:

  • Lock voting - prevent participants from submitting new votes
  • Hide results - hide the poll results so that participants aren’t influenced when voting
  • Reset results - reset your results after doing a test or when re-using the poll
  • Merge polls - use this option if you’ve created individual polls which you actually want to run as a survey


Poll settings explained


Additional poll settings


If needed, there are 3 additional settings for polls that you can find under Event settings → Features → Live polls.

  • Fixed order of poll options - Slido will not automatically randomize the options in your multiple-choice polls
  • Vote counter - Show how many participants voted in your poll in Present mode
  • Poll results - Show absolute number of votes instead of percentages when running a multiple-choice poll


Exporting poll results


With our paid plans, you can also Export your poll results under Analytics → Export.


We offer 2 different types of poll exports:

  • Poll results - overall poll results all in one file
  • Poll results per user - overall poll results categorized based on how each participant voted


If you want to see who voted in your poll, you'd need to set it up beforehand under Privacy settings and then Export the poll results per user after the event.


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