Is it possible that setting Slido in MS Live event (setup via Teams ) is working?

  • 21 June 2021
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Hello, before reading that Microsoft doesn’t support running Slido in Live Events, I tried creating a test Microsoft Live Event (From Microsoft Teams Calendar) and it actually worked. Is there any update I missed? I need to be sure before running in org-wide. Also, there are org members who will be participants at the event who have E1 MS licences (they use only web based apps). Can they join and how? Than you in advance!  

1 reply



Thanks for reaching out and for your question. The latest update we have from Microsoft is that meeting apps such as Slido are not yet widely supported in Teams Live Events. The same applies to using web browser, where these apps are also not supported yet.

However, once Microsoft enables this in the future we’d love to make Slido available in both.